A 2004 Seagrave Pumper, 12-2000 is the newest and first apparatus out of 12-100 for almost all emergencies. "The 2000" is equipped with 3 200' 1 3/4, 1 100' 1 3/4 and 2 200' 2 1/2 inch preconnected hoselines, 3 of which are both Class A and Class B foam ready. All hoselines are fed by a 2000 gallon per minute(gpm) Waterous pump, and an 850 gallon water tank with 2 25 gallon tanks for both the Class A and Class B foam. "The 2000" also carries a full compliment Hurst extrication equipment and air powered tools for any type of entrapment.

A 1993 Pierce Pumper, 12-1501 is the second due apparatus out of 12-100 except for brush or rubbish fires, when it responds first. In most cases the 1501 is set up to be the hydrant truck, but otherwise is set up very similar to the 2000 in regards to deployable hoselines and extrication equipment. The 1501 carries extra water cans, 200 feet of trash hoseline and brush brooms and shovels specifically to combat brush fires.

A 1991 Salisbury Heavy Rescue, 12-EQ was the first of its kind. "The EQ" is a walk-through rescue with command center that is capable of receiving transmissions from the thermal imagining cameras firefighter carry inside the building. It is set up for any and all types of rescue or hazardous material incidents that may arise. The EQ has an extensive compliment of extrication equipment, air-powered tools, and an on-board generator with 2 telescoping light towers capable of turning night into day. The EQ is the last apparatus out of 12-100 unless specifically requested earlier or responding mutual aid for FAST Team calls.

A 2007 Ford/Glaval Mini-bus, 12-Patrol is support vehicle meant for transporting firefighters to and from the scene.




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